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Business Ethics

If you want to sell a product, you must propose its strengths and prove that its defects are negligible. If you want to purchase a product, you must carefully consider your real needs and have the certainty that the product will meet them.

Who sells honestly, proposes and promotes a reality. Who purchases wisely perceives the value of this... Honest sale and wise purchase presume the existence of a useful reality and of an understanding.

If you want to produce, you must design with the intention of materializing an idea; you must have the insight to capture it, the technique to achieve it and the honesty to assess whether the product actually is the materialization of your idea and if the idea that has become "real" is useful. Idea, intuition, will, technique and honesty are the paradigms that inspire our lives, our ideas and our products.

This message aims to synthesize our work, to create or refine the understanding we have with our Customers.