Lucini Surgical Concept: Company


History, Philosophy and Ethics Corporate
Planning Philosophy

The Correct Surgical procedure is the procedure of Maximum Intrinsic, Human and Social Value, because it restores or improves health with maximum effectiveness and practicality.

The Health Operators, that take part in the Surgical Procedure at every level, have the opportunity and the duty to express their Maximum Professionalism and Honesty.

The Devices, Technologies and Environments that interact with the Surgical Procedure must be excellent so that the procedure can generate Maximum Value. The Concept of "Maximum Value of the Surgical Procedure", inspires our projects and characterizes our style, imposing Excellence as the functional target of our every creation.

We manufacture Devices and Technologies designed to provide Maximum Value to the Surgical Procedure and therefore Excellent also in every other context in which the main aim of Health Operators is to restore and improve man's health.

We are Lucini Surgical Concept.

Eng. Flavio Lucini