SA.F.E.® Technology

LUCINI Surgical Concept.

Lucini Surgical Concept
SA.F.E. ® Technology

SA.F.E. ® Technology is the contribution of Lucini Surgical Concept in the fight against hospital infections..

SA.F.E. ® Technology (Technology for the Easy and Effective Sanitization of Medical devices and/or objects that interact directly or indirectly with Patients and Healthcare Operators).

SA.F.E. ® Technology: Technology validated scientifically*

SA.F.E. ® Technology: Exclusive Patented Technology

* Our choices in terms of Construction Technologies and Materials are based on scientific evidence in the Assessment of Sanitizability of Transport, Storage Devices and Management of Medical Devices - Materials, surface treatments and basic shapes" scientific paper - University of Milan.

According to WHO data: 8.7% of Hospitalised Patients have contracted Nosocomial infections. (11.8% Middle East– 10% South East Asia – 7.7% Europe – 9% Pacific West Coast); (WHO/CDS/CSR/EPH/2002.12).
In Europe, it is estimated that approx. 4.1 million cases of (HAI, Healthcare-Associated infection) occur every year. The number of deaths as a direct consequence to these infections is estimated at least 37 thousand. (

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SA.F.E. Technology in HI-DROP

SA.FE Technology in Hy-Move, etc.. Under construction